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News from Republika Srpska, Bosnia's Serb Entity

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Authors from in and around Bosnia

  • Slavenka Drakulic: Cafe Europa

    Slavenka Drakulic: Cafe Europa
    An intimate tour of life on the streets of Budapest, Tirana, Warsaw and Zagreb, as these cities continue to acclimatise to the Post-Communist thaw. This book does not provide easy solutions, its value lies rather in the emotional force of the author's observations, their honestyand theis clarity of insight. (*****)

  • Aleksandar Hemon: Nowhere Man

    Aleksandar Hemon: Nowhere Man
    Jozef Pronek, the accidental nomad in Aleksander Hemon's first book "The Question of Bruno", finds himself in Chicago at the outbreak of the Bosnian civil war. With engaging warmth and refreshing humor this book brings to life a protagonist whose way of looking at and living in the world provokes an exhiliarating sense of seeing it anew. (*****)

  • Dubravka Ugresic: The Culture of Lies

    Dubravka Ugresic: The Culture of Lies
    We all were fed the cliche by the media: the good Croatians were fighthing a just war against the butchers from Belgrade. Dubravka Ugresic begs to differ: she shows us the condradictions, absurdities and everdyay cruelty of life in modern Croatia. (*****)

  • Miljenko Jergovic: Sarajevo Marlboro

    Miljenko Jergovic: Sarajevo Marlboro
    Excellent collection of short stories that retells the siege of Sarajevo with all its tragic, comic and tragicomic facettes (*****)

History of Bosnia, the war and its aftermath

  • David Chandler: Bosnia - Second Edition : Faking Democracy After Dayton

    David Chandler: Bosnia - Second Edition : Faking Democracy After Dayton
    The author presents an in-depth analysis of the policies and impact of post-Dayton democratisation. Drawing on interviews with key officials within the OSCE in Bosnia and extensive original research exploring the impact of policies designed to further political pluralism, develop multi-ethnic administrations, protect human rights and support civil society, the author reveals that the process has - until now - established precious little to reach these goals.

  • Sumantra Bose: Bosnia After Dayton: Nationalist Partition and International Intervention

    Sumantra Bose: Bosnia After Dayton: Nationalist Partition and International Intervention
    Juxtaposing big-picture analysis with an intimate knowledge of the region, the author situates the international community's extensive program of state-building and democratisation in Bosnia since the Dayton Peace Agreement in the context of Bosnia's - and the former Yugoslavias - complex historical legacy of coexistence and conflict. He analyses the post-Dayton institutional structure and process. He dissects the making of the Dayton peace accords through American-led coercive diplomacy and provides a constructive critique of internationalpeace-building

  • Allan Little: The Death of Yugoslavia (BBC)

    Allan Little: The Death of Yugoslavia (BBC)
    One of the most accurate and balanced accords of the civil wars on the territories of former Yugoslavia, based upon the award winning BBC series.

  • Milos Stankovic: Trusted Mole

    Milos Stankovic: Trusted Mole
    The author, a Serb born in England, gives his accord of the war. Having worked as an interpreter for UN troops with close contacts to Dr. Karadzic and General Mladic he provides valuable and unbiased insights into the "other side", often forgotten by Western media.

  • Peter Maass: Love Thy Neighbor : A Story of War (Vintage)

    Peter Maass: Love Thy Neighbor : A Story of War (Vintage)
    A somewhat sensationalist, if very personal description of the war in Bosnia. Maass does not take sides, he does not spare the reader the UN soldiers shining searchlights on fleeing refugees, who are promptly gunned down by snipers waiting in the darkness. The author tries to understand and gives - for the standards of an American - a relatively balanced view. (****)

  • Richard Holbrooke: To End a War (Modern Library Paperbacks)

    Richard Holbrooke: To End a War (Modern Library Paperbacks)
    The author, head negotiator of the US at the Dayton peace accords, describes - not without bias - how peace in Bosnia was brokered. Readers not easily offended by a flappy, US-supremacist style might find some useful information. (***)

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